Minnesota Drug Crimes: Everything You Should Know

Like many other states, Minnesota has strict laws regarding controlled substances. Those who violate these laws can face serious, life-altering penalties.

It’s important for every citizen of Minnesota to understand drug laws and the crimes that can stem from them when violated – as well as the penalties for those crimes. Remember, a conviction for a drug crime can follow you around for life, presenting challenges well after your release from prison. Know the laws and what actions violate them. This the first step to stay on the path that keeps you safe from prison, which could change your life forever.

Here is a comprehensive guide to Minnesota drug crimes.

How Bad Is the Drug Problem in Minnesota?

Our state [...]


When Does a Case Become Medical Malpractice in MN?

Medical malpractice is something that occurs everywhere, and each state has its own laws surrounding medical malpractice claims, including Minnesota.

Many people struggle with understanding whether or not their case falls under the umbrella of medical malpractice. What is important to understand about this is that it’s not necessarily what happened to you. First, you’ll want to get clear on  the elements that the law defines as “medical malpractice”, then determine if those are met in your case.

Here’s what you need to know about medical malpractice in Minnesota.

What Is Medical Malpractice in Minnesota?

Medical malpractice is defined by the laws in the state as actions taken by a former or current patient of a medical practitioner for alleged [...]


Does Stalking Count as Domestic Violence in MN?

When people think about stalking, they imagine dark alleys and scared young women being followed by strangers, eventually leading to something terrible occurring. While that Hollywood version of stalking has probably happened somewhere at some time, most stalking crimes are very different from that.

Stalking isn’t a crime that occurs between strangers in a lot of cases. Sure, you may get cases where someone sees someone on social media and begins to stalk them. However, in many cases, the person stalking the other knows them in real life or has been involved with them in some way previously, such as in a romantic relationship.

Minnesota’s stalking laws are very tough on the crime. In many cases, stalking is also considered [...]