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If you live in or around Duluth and have a legal matter that you need handled, the time to move on it is now.

Every second you wait to hire a lawyer to battle a criminal charge gives the prosecution more of a head start. Personal injury claims have statutes of limitation – delay too long and you are out of luck. Waiting to deal with a family legal matter hurts not only you, but your loved ones.

At Olson, Poole & Envall, P.A., our lawyers get results for our clients. This is true whether they are battling criminal charges, pushing to get them the compensation they deserve after an injury, or helping them with a sensitive and emotional family legal matter. Every case is different. We cannot promise a particular outcome, but all you have to do is take a look at our past results to see that we know how to get you the best possible outcome no matter what you are up against.

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