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Homicide is the taking of someone else’s life, making it murder the most serious charges that can be brought against a person. It also carries the most serious penalties. For an innocent person, a murder charge can have a devastating effect on your life. Even if there is merit to the charges, it is important to make sure the facts come into play to ensure the fairest possible outcome. That is why an experienced and committed Duluth homicide defense lawyer is needed in the case.

If you or a loved one has been charged with homicide, you need an experienced and committed criminal attorney fighting for the best possible result.

Aggressively Fighting Murder Charges

There are three degrees of murder. The degree that is charged is determined by the circumstances. The following is an outline of the charges:

  • First-Degree Murder – The killing of another person is premeditated, caused while committing another criminal act, the result of arson, the result of burglary, the result of kidnapping, caused by a drive-by shooting or escape from custody, during the sale of a controlled substance, or during an act of domestic abuse. The victim may be a minor killed during an act of child abuse, a peace officer or state-employed guard, or death may be caused during the commission of another felony.
  • Second-Degree Murder – Second-degree murder occurs when there is intent to cause the death of another person without premeditation. This includes death during the commission of another felony.
  • Third-Degree Murder – Third-degree murder is the killing of another person without the intent to cause death, but the defendant was alleged to be in the midst of a dangerous act, evinces a depraved mind without regard for the lives of others.

Manslaughter is also a type of homicide but has its own set of charges. For instance, Manslaughter in the First Degree occurs when killing is a passionate killing that was provoked by actions or words. Manslaughter in the First Degree may also be charged if the death of another is caused during the commission of a misdemeanor. Manslaughter in the Second Degree occurs in cases of negligence that caused the death of someone

Criminal vehicular homicide occurs when someone is negligent behind the wheel of a car, causing someone’s death.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with homicide, it is important to be properly represented throughout the case. With the right Duluth homicide attorney in your corner, a significant difference can be made in the outcome of your case. You have someone willing to fight for your freedom and future while protecting your rights.

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Homicide is an extremely serious offense with penalties that will affect a person for the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one has been accused of homicide, an experienced defense attorney can be a valuable asset. To learn more, call 218-727-5284 to request a free consultation.