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Trespassing is a very serious property offense that is charged when a person allegedly enters the property without the permission of the owner. Trespassing is a charge that commonly accompanies burglary because burglary is the act of entering property without owner’s permission with the intent to steal something or actively stealing something. If you have been charged with trespassing by itself or in addition to another charge, it is important to have a Duluth trespassing defense lawyer representing you.

At Olson, Poole & Envall, we are committed to providing you with the trespassing defense you need to achieve a fair outcome in your case. A fair outcome can be case dismissal, a reduction in charges, or acquittal if the case goes to trial.

Skilled Trespassing Defense

Many times, trespassing crimes are mistakes. For example, it can be easy to wander off and mistakenly enter someone’s property. Something as simple as chasing a pet that got away can result in trespassing or maybe a friend asked you to enter a certain property. The unfortunate fact is that law enforcement doesn’t always see things the same way you do, which is why you need a Duluth trespassing defense lawyer to help you.

Fighting Trespassing Charges

There are different actions that can lead to a person being charged with trespassing. Those actions are:

  • Entering a bar or restaurant after being told to leave
  • Allowing a domestic pet to enter another person’s property
  • Entering a property despite “no trespassing” signs
  • Entering an area that has traffic cones or ropes marking it off
  • Refusing to leave a property when asked
  • Entering a cemetery after hours
  • Entering a locked building without the permission of an authorized person
  • Entering a locked construction site without permission
  • Entering a mining site that is locked or has a posting
  • Taking produce from a person’s garden

If you are believed to have committed any of these, you could be charged with a crime. Aggressive representation is needed to get the best result because a conviction can result in a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail for a misdemeanor or $3,000 in fines and one year in jail for a gross misdemeanor.

A conviction can follow you anytime you need to have a background check. With the help of a Northern MN trespassing defense attorney, you can effectively fight for a better outcome.

Contact A Duluth Trespassing Defense Lawyer

Trespassing may not seem like a serious offense, but it is one that can result in a criminal charge that could result in a conviction on your permanent record. If you or a loved one has been charged with trespassing, it is important to secure the representation of an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. To learn more, call Olson, Poole & Envall, P.A. at 218-727-5384 to request a free consultation.