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Prostitution is the act of performing sexual acts for money. A person is guilty of solicitation when they ask a person to perform sexual acts in exchange for cash. Regardless of the exact offense, it is important to have an experienced Duluth prostitution lawyer representing you. Prostitution charges are difficult to navigate, but a conviction can be devastating.

If the person involved is a “pimp,” they can be charged with pandering because they are soliciting for the purpose of prostitution. In other words, they are using prostitution as their business and taking their share of the money that the prostitute collects. Pimps will market prostitutes, arrange for sexual encounters in public and private places, and take a cut of the money when the prostitute is paid.

If you or a loved one has been accused of prostitution or solicitation, it is important to have the proper representation of an experienced attorney working on the case. The moment you make the call, your attorney will begin investigating the facts in order to build a solid defense.

Fighting Prostitution Charges

When a person is arrested for prostitution, there are certain factors that are evaluated. If any of the following are present, a prostitution charge or related charge may be filed:

  • Possession of condoms
  • Possession of lubricants
  • Possession of cell phones or pagers
  • Possession of large amounts of cash
  • Possession of a client list
  • Possession of sex toys
  • Suspicious activity in an area that is known as a prostitution hot spot
  • The presence of males or females known to engage in prostitution

While it is not illegal to possess the items that are mentioned above, law enforcement can use them as evidence if you are accused of a prostitution-related offense.

Strategic Prostitution Defense

A common way in which law enforcement makes prostitution arrests is through entrapment. There are times when law enforcement will pose as Johns or prostitutes to catch people on both sides of the transaction. A common defense is that the defendants were tricked into breaking the law.

The entrapment defense can be successful, but it does depend on what type of communication occurred between the defendant and the undercover officer. If money was exchanged or certain words were said, another strategy may need to be used. Olson, Poole & Envall will use every angle in the case to achieve the best possible result. You should expect nothing less from an experienced and competent Duluth Prostitution Defense Attorney.

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Prostitution is a serious offense. Prostitutes, their Johns, and their pimps can be charged with different types of prostitution offenses. If you or a loved one has been charged with prostitution or a related offense, it is important to seek the representation of an experienced and qualified attorney. To learn more, call Olson, Poole & Envall, P.A. at 218-727-5384 to request a free consultation.