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Assault is a serious crime in Minnesota, so being accused of this offense can have life-changing effects. If convicted of assault, a person is looking at prison time, fines, a restraining order, and other consequences that can last a lifetime. If you or a loved one has been charged with assault, you need the representation of an experienced and dedicated Duluth assault defense lawyer.

At LaCourse, Poole & Envall, P.A., we are highly experienced in criminal defense. We look at every angle and use the facts and law to craft a strategic defense that is designed to secure the best outcome. That outcome may be reduced charges, dismissed charges, or acquittal if the case goes to trial. Our goal is to help you move on with your life sooner.

Effective Assault Defense

Assault is a very challenging area because of what can be constituted as assault. If you made an unsuccessful attempt at hurting someone, even if you didn’t touch them, you could still be charged with assault.

If a weapon is used or substantial bodily harm results, then the charge will be much more serious. This is why you need a Northern Minnesota assault defense attorney in your corner from start to finish. The sooner you make the call, the stronger your case can be.

Fighting Domestic Assault Charges

Another area of assault is domestic assault. This can involve an Order for Protection (OFP), which means jail time if the terms of the order are violated. Domestic assault cases are very emotional because there are usually children involved. The defendant is also not able to go to their home. You have rights and you can challenge an OFP with the help of your Duluth assault defense lawyer.

Aggressive Criminal Defense

The goal of building a strategic case is to avoid paying harsher penalties than necessary. Sometimes that translates into not having to pay any consequences at all. The following is a breakdown of the levels of assault charges:

  • First-Degree Assault – Up to $30,000 in fines and 20 years in prison
  • Second-Degree Assault – Up to $14,000 in fines and 7 years in prison
  • Third-Degree Assault – Up to $10,000 in fines and 5 years in prison
  • Fourth-Degree Assault – Up to $3,000 in fines and 1 year in prison
  • Fifth-Degree Assault – Up to $1,000 in fines and 90 days in jail
  • Domestic assault – Up to $1,000 in fines and 90 days in jail

It’s important to defend yourself because an assault charge can also make it difficult to find a place to live, find a job, and do anything that requires a background check. Even if the charges can only be reduced, this will have a more positive impact on your life than having to pay the maximum consequences.

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Assault is a serious offense in Minnesota. If you or a loved one has been charged with assault, it is imperative to speak to an experienced and dedicated criminal attorney as soon as possible. At LaCourse, Poole & Envall, P.A., we have everything needed to craft a strategic defense. To learn more about your rights and options, call 218-727-5384 and request a free consultation.