What Evidence is Needed to Prove Criminal Sexual Conduct in MN?

If you’re accused of criminal sexual conduct in Minnesota, a potential conviction can alter your life forever. In addition to criminal penalties, you can also face the requirement to register as a sex offender, which can impact where you live and where you are allowed to work – even places you are allowed to visit for leisure.

Here’s what you need to know about criminal sexual conduct in Minnesota and what evidence is used to secure a conviction in the state.

The Five Degrees of Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct

In the state, criminal sexual conduct is divided into five potential degrees. You can be accused of one of the following depending on the alleged activity that took place:

First Degree


Want to Make a Liability Claim for Your MN Car Crash? Prove These 4 Elements

Accidents happen. And when you’re driving a car on Minnesota roads, the chances of an accident happening are fair – so it’s important to be prepared for incidents on the road.

Most people prepare for car accidents by buying vehicles with a good safety rating and making sure their vehicle insurance is up to date, but what about after an accident? If you’re injured, then how do you pursue a liability claim. And what needs to be shown to the court to prove it?

Here’s where you need to know about liability in Minnesota car accidents and the four elements that must be proven in order to win your case.

Minnesota’s No-Fault Law

The state of Minnesota is what is [...]


Involved in a MN Crash over the Holidays? Get Compensation

In Minnesota, car accidents are unfortunately one of the most common types of personal injury claims. So, if you were involved in a car accident over the holidays, rest assured you’re not alone.

In fact, there have been many accidents in the news lately with unfortunate endings. A six-vehicle crash on Highway 52 took one woman’s life and injured four others in December. Two other men were seriously injured in a crash on I-94 in Minnesota recently as well.

Some crash stories have tragic endings, but they all have something in common: there are actions that can be taken to get compensation if you or someone you love is involved. Here is what you need to know about the laws [...]



Did You Get a DWI in Minnesota? Here’s How to Beat It

If you are found operating a vehicle while intoxicated in North Carolina, then you will face a DWI charge – and that can come with significant penalties.

A Minnesota DWI can send you to jail, make you responsible for steep fines, and get your licenses revoked. It can also just simply make your life more difficult with added court costs and fees.

The good news is that if you’re staring down the barrel of a DWI charge, there are defenses you can use. An experienced attorney may be able to get your charges reduced or completely dropped.

Each case is different, but you are entitled to defend yourself against charges in court regardless of the circumstances of your case. Here [...]


Important FAQs about Child Custody in Minnesota

When you’re going through a divorce or separation, there are a lot of things to agree on and arrange between you and your soon-to-be-former partner. One of the issues that concern many people going through this process is child custody.

Child custody laws in Minnesota are important to understand if you have kids and have to decide how to co-parent with another person. In the state, child custody is an area of law that decides how and where the child or children live and how much time they spend with both parents. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about child custody in Minnesota.

What Is the Difference Between Legal and Physical Custody?

Legal and physical custody are [...]


Be Careful Your Holiday Partying Doesn’t Result in a MN Drug Charge

The holidays are celebrated in a variety of ways. For some, it’s about getting together with friends and family. For others, it’s about exchanging gifts. And then some also enjoy celebrating through wild parties with others, which can lead to major legal trouble if you’re not careful.

An 18-year-old from Minnesota recently found out the consequences that can occur if you’re caught with drugs in the state. They were arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. The drug in their possession was marijuana, but they’re now looking at serious consequences as a result.

No matter how you feel about the legality of drugs today, the law in many places still makes it illegal to be [...]


MN Parents: Don’t Let Your Kids Fall Victim to These Holiday Dangers

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year that many people, especially kids, look forward to all year long. Unfortunately, there are some serious hazards that come along with all that joy and excitement – hazards that many parents strive to avoid.

Certain injuries are more common this time of the year for children than others. It’s important to understand what injuries tend to be prominent during this season in order to circumvent them. Here’s what you need to know to keep your family safe this holiday season, including how to avoid these holiday dangers.

Toy-Related Injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 150,000 kids are treated for injuries related to toys each year. That’s why it’s [...]


Minnesota Has No Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault doesn’t always happen like it’s portrayed in movies and on television. Sometimes, victims don’t come forward for years, for a variety of reasons. Until recently, many survivors of sexual assault missed the window to bring charges against those who assaulted them, but that has now changed.

A new law has made it possible for victims of sexual assault to report their assault and have it prosecuted any time after it occurred. Previously, Minnesota residents had only a few years to take action with the exception of those who were children at the time of the assault. Now, anyone who commits sexual assault in Minnesota can be prosecuted for it – at any point in their lives.

Here’s what [...]


How Does Minnesota Divide Assets in a Divorce?

Sometimes, divorce must happen. Coming to the end of your marriage can be a painful process. Not only are their emotions to handle, but the assets you and your spouse have gathered over your marriage that must now be divided – including debt.

If a divorce is on the horizon for you – or you’re thinking of getting married and want to be proactive, just in case – then it’s important to understand how Minnesota divides assets in a divorce. It’s equally as important to understand what you can do to protect yourself should you ever need a divorce. Here’s what you need to know.

Property Division: The Process

In Minnesota, you can try to come to an agreement with [...]


Minnesota Package Theft Charges Are Common This Time of Year

With the holidays in full swing, chances are many people are getting package deliveries on their doorstep. It may seem funny or thrilling to be a part of the “porch pirate” package theft trend, but in Minnesota, there are serious consequences for this behavior.

Last holiday season, three people were charged with felony retail theft in connection with taking items from stores such as Target and Menards without paying. That may be considered the more traditional type of package theft, but it’s important to note that taking packages that don’t belong to you from anywhere – store or porch – can get you in major legal trouble.

Here’s what you need to know about package theft in Minnesota, including the [...]