MN Sex Crimes: How To Beat the Charges

The charge for sex crimes are some of the most serious you can have in Minnesota. Not only do you face time in prison, but also the requirement to register as a sex offender in some cases. This factor can significantly impact your life even after incarceration.

The key to avoiding all the negative things of being convicted of a sex offense is not to get sentenced in the first place. When accused of a crime, you have a right to defend yourself in court, so the best thing you can do is fight back and beat the charges to the best of your ability.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few things you can do to ensure you give yourself the best shot at beating sex crime charges in Minnesota.

Get An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

It is vital to have someone on your side as you navigate the process of being charged with a sex crime who knows the ins and outs of the justice system. They can help to guide you by avoiding costly mistakes and simply allow you to understand what is in store for the future as you fight back.

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in the state of Minnesota, and sex crimes take many forms. You can face everything from statutory rape charges to possession of child pornography to criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. Whatever you are facing, you will have the best chance of a positive outcome if you have an attorney with the knowledge to help.

Don’t Talk About Your Case

When you are accused of a crime, especially one as significant as a sex crime, your first inclination may be to tell everyone you know what happened and prove that you’re innocent. You should ignore that urge and stay tight-lipped about your case to anyone outside your attorney’s office.

You should also abstain from talking to the police about your case, especially when initially  arrested. They may make it sound like they are simply trying to help or to understand the situation better, but anything you say can be used against you and have dire consequences for your success at beating the charges later on. You should invoke your right to remain silent until your attorney is present when talking to the police. The police aren’t your friends, so don’t let them lull you into a false sense of security when speaking with them. You have rights.

Duluth Sex Crimes ATtorney

Don’t Wait

Even if you aren’t yet charged officially with a sex crime, you should secure an attorney as soon as possible. The earlier you can get someone on your case, the better off you will be later.

Your attorney can work to get ahead of the investigation to help you understand what is happening and what may come. By securing an attorney quickly, you’re ensuring your rights are protected.

A sex crime is a serious charge, and it’s not something you should try to handle on your own. Reach out to an experienced attorney to help you through your case, and you may find that, in the end, you are successful in beating the charges against you.


About the Author:

A former Assistant Public Defender for the Sixth Judicial District in Duluth and former staff attorney for the Indian Legal Assistance Program, Brent R. Olson is an experienced trial lawyer who has appeared in every Courthouse in the Sixth Judicial District and taken over three dozen cases to verdict. At LaCourse, Poole & Envall, Mr. Envall focuses on family law, workers’ compensation, and criminal defense. He has a strong belief in restorative justice and helped to develop the Domestic Violence Restorative Circles program.