The Importance of Pre-Trial Investigations in Minnesota Criminal Defense

Pre-trial investigations are crucial in building a strong defense strategy for individuals facing criminal charges in Minnesota. Pre-trial investigations provide an essential foundation for achieving favorable outcomes in Minnesota’s criminal justice system by uncovering key evidence, identifying potential defenses, and strengthening the overall defense strategy.

Uncovering Key Evidence

Pre-trial investigations comprehensively examine the case to uncover crucial evidence that can shape the defense strategy. Investigators work diligently to collect witness statements, review police reports, analyze forensic evidence, and explore other sources of information. Uncovering favorable evidence can help challenge the prosecution’s case, support potential defenses, and provide opportunities for negotiations or dismissals. Thorough pre-trial investigations ensure no stone is left unturned in uncovering evidence critical to the defense.


Understanding Your Miranda Rights in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

Miranda rights are an essential component of the criminal justice system, ensuring that individuals in custody are aware of their constitutional rights during police interrogations. Understanding your Miranda rights is crucial if you face criminal charges in Minnesota. 

The Right to Remain Silent

One of the fundamental aspects of Miranda rights is the right to remain silent. This means you can refuse to answer any questions posed by law enforcement without facing adverse consequences. You can exercise this right to prevent self-incrimination and consult with an attorney before providing any statements.

The Right to an Attorney

Another crucial component of Miranda rights is the right to have an attorney present during police interrogations. If you invoke your right to an [...]


MN Black Friday Crimes: Did You Get Swept Up?

Black Friday is an interesting day. On the one hand, there’s a lot of excitement generated about sales that can save you a lot of money on high-priced items. Black Friday sales are incredibly tantalizing. On the other hand, there’s all the other bargain shoppers you seem to be competing against.

It’s dealing with the other people in stores on Black Friday that make things complicated. Tension and competition can end up blowing up and creating situations that are dangerous and illegal. Because of this, there are some common crimes that people are arrested for in Minnesota on Black Friday.

If you got arrested on one of these charges – or any others over the holiday – you need to [...]


These Mistakes Could Land You Arson Charges in Minnesota

Arson is a crime of intent. That means that a fire was set on purpose – which is a crime that many states, such as Minnesota, take very seriously since it can lead to major property damage and even the loss of life.

In Watertown, the fire department was recently called to an elementary school playground. Upon arrival, they found the playground engulfed in flames. The fire was successfully extinguished, but police are now on the hunt for the perpetrator – because they believe the fire was set intentionally.

While our state has seen its fair share of arsons, sometimes a fire can rage out of control without intent. A person may have meant to start a fire, but that [...]


Are Conjugal Visits Really Allowed in MN?

In movies and on television, the idea of conjugal visits in prison seems universal, but it’s actually not a reality in a good number of states, including Minnesota.

A petition made the rounds recently online to try to change this fact. A woman requested the state’s Senator, Amy Klobuchar, to help make conjugal visits a right for inmates in Minnesota.

The petition closed and the laws have not been changed, but it does highlight the importance of knowing what types of activities are allowed and not allowed when visiting an inmate in a Minnesota correctional institution.

Here’s what you need to know about Minnesota’s prison visitation policies and procedures and what can happen if they are violated.

Rules of Visitation[...]

I’m Being Ordered to Pay Restitution in MN — What Does That Mean?

When people say that “crime doesn’t pay,” they’re not exactly being truthful. While it is true that crime won’t end well for anyone involved, it can end in expenses for both the perpetrator and the victim.

Courts in Minnesota often side with the victim when it comes to who is responsible for paying up. Minnesota judges have the authority to order an offender to pay something called restitution to the victims of their crimes.

If you’re not familiar with restitution, then you’re not alone. Here’s what everyone needs to know about restitution, how it’s ordered, how it’s paid, and who is eligible to receive it.

Restitution: An Overview

As part of a criminal case, restitution is ordered to be paid [...]


MN Family vs. Criminal Court, Advantages of a Lawyer Who Knows Both

Family court and criminal court are two distinct systems of law, and it’s common for lawyers to practice either family or criminal law. In some cases, attorneys do practice both.

Family and criminal courts are separate branches of law, and it’s important to know the difference between the two. However, some family law cases also overlap into criminal court, so it’s possible that you’ll need an attorney who is familiar with both systems in order to ensure your best representation.

So what is the difference between family and criminal court, and what kind of lawyer do you need for your situation?

Minnesota Family Court

When a case is processed through family court is considered a civil, rather than criminal, proceeding. [...]