Understanding More About How Your Minnesota Child Support Works


Financial support is something a child needs from both parents. Under the law in Minnesota, children have the right for both their parents to financially support them.

Whenever a couple with children separates, whether they’ve been married or not, child support is determined under the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines.

There’s no question that, at times, the law can be a bit confusing. Luckily, how child support in Minnesota works isn’t that difficult to understand.

Here is a breakdown of how child support is determined and other general information you need to make sure your child support arrangements are fair.

Child Support: What Is It?

The money that a parent or parents pay to help support a child that does [...]


Are Conjugal Visits Really Allowed in MN?

In movies and on television, the idea of conjugal visits in prison seems universal, but it’s actually not a reality in a good number of states, including Minnesota.

A petition made the rounds recently online to try to change this fact. A woman requested the state’s Senator, Amy Klobuchar, to help make conjugal visits a right for inmates in Minnesota.

The petition closed and the laws have not been changed, but it does highlight the importance of knowing what types of activities are allowed and not allowed when visiting an inmate in a Minnesota correctional institution.

Here’s what you need to know about Minnesota’s prison visitation policies and procedures and what can happen if they are violated.

Rules of Visitation[...]

Gaining Full Custody as a MN Father Is Tough but Not Impossible

When a child is born, a special bond forms between a baby and their parents. Children rely on both of them for care, to meet their basic needs, and to teach them about the world.

The state of Minnesota recognizes how special the bond between child and parent can be, which is why they put laws in place that seek to protect children and parents while helping to maintain the very special relationship they share.

There are 13 factors that courts take into consideration when deciding on a custody case in this state. Learn what those factors are and what rights you have as a father in your Minnesota custody case.

Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody

There are two types [...]


It’s Not the MN Business Owner Paying That Slip and Fall Claim

Minnesota is known for many things – and one of them is long snowy winters. For many Minnesotans, pulling out their parks, donning their boots, and shoveling some snow is simply par for the winter course.

Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year that slip and fall accidents occur, since icy city sidewalks, streets, and parking lots abound. So what are the laws surrounding slip and fall claims in Minnesota? How do these types of claims typically work?

Arm yourself with the information you need so that you are ready to make the right choices if a slip and fall accident happens to you.

If You Suffer a Fall in Minnesota

The first thing that you should understand about slip [...]