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There are many ways to tell if a particular lawyer or firm in Duluth is good.

You can learn where the attorneys studied and how long they have been practicing in their respective areas of law. You can read up on what kinds of recognition and awards they have received. You can take a look at the results they have been able to get in previous cases. All of these things are valuable to know, and you should definitely pay attention to them.

Unfortunately, none of them really give you a good idea of what it is like to actually work on a case with a firm. Are they communicative? Respectful? Does it seem like your case matters to them? Do they come up with creative ways to fight for you that clearly show they understand your case inside and out?

The only way to learn this kind of information is to turn to the source: the clients who have already trusted those lawyers to represent them during one of the biggest moments in their life. That is why Olson, Poole & Envall, P.A. is happy to be able to provide testimonials from real people who have worked with us. Read what they have to say, then get in contact to set up your free initial consultation by completing our online contact form, calling us at 218-461-0247 or 218-727-5384, or emailing

From start to finish I was enormously pleased with the way Andrew Poole handled my divorce. He listened to what was important to me and delivered exactly that. He went the extra mile every step of the way. He was always accessible and extremely accomodating and flexible with scheduling apppointments. He was detail oriented and brought to my attention many things I would not have considered in a divorce. He always keep my best interest in mind. My divorce was handled quickly without some of the lengthy delays I've seen many go through. I am 100% satisfied with my custody agreement and financial situation post divorce. I was very happy Andrew's rates, this divorce costed less than I had anticipated. He handled delicate situations professionally and with kindness. He made an unpleasant situation as painless as possible. He is an excellent advocate and I would go back to him in a second if I needed any legal representation in the future.

- Anonymous

Mr. Poole is the best attorney i have ever had and he was my public defender. He seen i really changed my life and believed in me and fought hard for me and got me probation on a 1rst degree drug charge he is amazing i would have paid him 20 thousand if i could. I would be in prison as we speak if he wasnt the best attorney around!!!

- A.B.

We couldn't have had a better turnout . My case went smooth the entire time and I have only Andrew and his staff to Thank. Excellent job all the way around. If you need assistance in an uphill battle against the law, Andrew Poole is your lawyer !! I guarentee it.

- Anonymous