How to Execute a Simple Divorce in Minnesota

Getting a divorce is a complicated matter. Just as no two relationships are alike, no two divorces are alike either.

That’s why the state of Minnesota provides several routes for couples to execute a divorce. There are requirements that must be met in the state before you can file, and you must decide which type of divorce best fits your situation.

Here’s what you need to know about divorce in Minnesota, plus how mediation might help your divorce process.

Legal Requirements for Divorce

In order to divorce in Minnesota, a few legal requirements must be met. These include:

    At least one person in the marriage has lived in Minnesota for a minimum of 180 days If children are involved, you

What Happens When a Robbery Becomes a Homicide in Minnesota?

When you hear the terms “homicide” and “murder”, you probably think they are contrasting words for the same act. While both signal the death of another person, the law regards them in quite different lights.

In the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, a homicide recently occurred. The suspect intended only to rob a business, but he ended up shooting and killing the cashier instead. The police called this a homicide, but will that be the ultimate charge for the defendant? Likely not.

Here’s what you need to know about the difference between homicide and murder, as well as the penalties faced if found guilty in Minnesota.

Murder and Homicide: What’s the Difference?

Many words and phrases carry popular meanings that don’t really correspond [...]


Can You Get Compensation for Dog Bite If Owner Denies Responsibility?

Police dogs should be shining examples of a well-trained dog. But even these highly-behaved working dogs act like untrained animals sometimes.

In Duluth, the city awarded a woman $50,000 after she was bitten during a police dog encounter. The victim was making her rounds as a hotel housekeeper when the dog bit her on the thigh.

The Duluth City Council, who approved the settlement, denies that the payment admits any admission of liability. This just goes to show the complicated nature of Minnesota dog bite cases.

Here’s what you need to know about dog bite cases and the compensation you may want to seek if bitten.

Minnesota Dog Bite Law

The dog bite law in Minnesota states that a person [...]