Why Do So Many MN Car Crashes Result in Back Injuries?

Back injuries can shift the trajectory of a person’s life forever. It’s a shame that these types of life-altering injuries are so common in car accidents, but there are some very logical reasons why they are.

Cars travel at high speeds, and, when there is a sudden deceleration, your back will absorb the force and pressure from the car collision. Physics is simply the reason that car accidents lead to so many Minnesota accident injuries.

Remember, knowledge is power. Here is what you need to know about back injuries that can result from a car accident – and how you can protect yourself legally and personally if you’re injured.

Common Back Injuries

When a car accident occurs, the ligaments, tendons, [...]


Want to Make a Liability Claim for Your MN Car Crash? Prove These 4 Elements

Accidents happen. And when you’re driving a car on Minnesota roads, the chances of an accident happening are fair – so it’s important to be prepared for incidents on the road.

Most people prepare for car accidents by buying vehicles with a good safety rating and making sure their vehicle insurance is up to date, but what about after an accident? If you’re injured, then how do you pursue a liability claim. And what needs to be shown to the court to prove it?

Here’s where you need to know about liability in Minnesota car accidents and the four elements that must be proven in order to win your case.

Minnesota’s No-Fault Law

The state of Minnesota is what is [...]


Involved in a MN Crash over the Holidays? Get Compensation

In Minnesota, car accidents are unfortunately one of the most common types of personal injury claims. So, if you were involved in a car accident over the holidays, rest assured you’re not alone.

In fact, there have been many accidents in the news lately with unfortunate endings. A six-vehicle crash on Highway 52 took one woman’s life and injured four others in December. Two other men were seriously injured in a crash on I-94 in Minnesota recently as well.

Some crash stories have tragic endings, but they all have something in common: there are actions that can be taken to get compensation if you or someone you love is involved. Here is what you need to know about the laws [...]